Adventurers in marshmallow butterfly land

Wallowing as I was in the luxury of having my flat to myself, taking a long bath and turning on the PS3 for dome pyjama skyrim fun; imagine my annoyance when I was phoned and told to check the mailbox because if I didn’t essentially the world would end. Not a fan of being caught out wearing pink and white pjs with little hearts and zebras on, I had to dress in something more suitably black, purple or red before descending  the stairs to save a couple of CDs from an apparent
apocalyptic demise.
For four days my brain has not been coping well with medication. I can’t remember things I cant understand things, I cant concentrate or even guarantee not knocking things over. Not to mention the swarm of butterflies which appeared in my belly, the marshmallow in my head and the fact that my body keeps thinking it’s hot, so it sweats, then it thinks it’s cold, so I shiver. Why am I describing this? Because I think most people have noted my spaced outedness…ie…I exploded a column case yesterday because I misread the protocol and I forgot to set a pressure alarm. I was also talking about using a spoon to weigh out glycerol, no…glycerin….no oh yeah glycine. Finally brain managed to remember or at least realise that spooning out liquids to weigh probably wasn’t what I did. Anyway after being summoned into my bosses office for an in depth chat about the manuscript..I struggled to make sense, or understand her ideas, so when she made a mistake with a chemical name I said she had no excuse but I did…Saud my meds were changed and hadn’t she noticed I’d been off my face fir the last few days…she thought I seemed much better!!! Better than WHAT?  A dead pigeon? Fine I seem more smiley etc but my scientific ability is shot to shit. So I did the only thing I could: I phoned the doc. So today I’m not to take any. From tomorrow I take an intermediate dose. I explained that I just cant be like this at work. I’m working every day with fatally toxic compounds and expensive equipment. I dont want to lose my job or life because of a blip in my meds. Somehow I eventually got through the necessary experiments and the results look ok so boss is happy even though I’m still offended.
Right time for a shower, a cycle and a chilly woozy day.


2 thoughts on “Adventurers in marshmallow butterfly land

  1. Be safe in there! Sounds super dangerous.

  2. Today I feel awesome, no dangerous mistakes here 🙂

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