Suffering anxiety; something to be ashamed of?

My partner could not make it clearer. He is ashamed of me. He is ashamed that I had to take a day off work with ‘anxiety’ and that I resorted to medication. He just told me once more, it’s nothing to he proud of.

He thinks I dont have anxiety. The reason I can’t sleep is because I take a bath at night, because I read before bed, because it’s too hot, because there is no air circulation. My problem is allegedly that I fucked something up and can’t cope with not being told I’m wonderful all the time.

I then had a lecture on how I could never cope in his job, or even his colleague who has less than a quarter of his workload. That’s nice to know.

There is a distinct difference between not being told you are wonderful and being told you are selfish and shameful and basically pathetic .

And what do you suppose he did while meds were still making me a bit disorientated and woozy….play some extra tricks on me. Oh yea cos thats fair.

What do you do with someone who is anxious? Act angrily? Yeah not appropriate dumbass.


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