Bringing Esmeralda out of hibernation and other notable behaviour from the last few days.

Here is todays quota of misused punctuation and immiscible islands of text.
If I was bipolar, today would be a manic one. I guess it would have to be to fit in horse riding, cycling 10 miles and putting in an afternoon of work. Now to shovel in sufficient foodstuffs to counteract all of this activity! As I’m not, bipolar that is, I guess I’m just having a good day. It feels very peculiar. Even SO has been in a chirpy mood, doing housework, being um…nice?
About Esmeralda. She has been in retirement for some time, but still there is some information, mostly pictorial, which only she can supply. Like Barry before her, I suppose she was destined to be usurped…so why is she still in the spare room rather than in the great silicon junkyard in the sky? It’s because noone could be bothered to move several Gb of photos into the new system.
No more.
I have begun. The process. Esme has forgotten how to turn on AMD boot up, but after several false starts Huzzah!!! And the amazing thing is I get to leaf through those old pictures again, even those that were on Barry, or even before teignmouth road. Years of my life in glorious Technicolor. I did some weird shit. I miss doing crazy assed things…it was fun. The most striking thing is that I looked so happy when all I remember is feeling depressed, yet now I ask not depressed and I look miserable. What’s that all about?
What manner of reverse rose tinting is that? It is as we all suspected, I’m backward.
Would post some random pictures but phone is not complying. Later. Be warned.

Maybe looking at the pictures has lifted some miscellaneous fog of despair. Nah, I’ll bet it was the horses, they were so cute and racing up the hill is always my fave bit of the ride. Incredibly Monty told me that he wanted to lay down and us drive the trailer to pick him up, both before and after said canter. He talks to me a lot, Monty that is, mostly about grass, and Tesco bags of doom and having am itchy head.never before has a horse had SUCH AN ITCHY HEAD.

Other news…I managed to hem a skirt. Not well but I completed the task within a few mins. What I also did, was spend over an hour working out how to use the machine, at least half of which was spent swearing and getting frustrated because I had the bobbin on the wrong spool thingy…..

Last week I learnt a valuable lesson: minor asphixiation is not so fun.

To safely handle liquid nitrogen

1. wear safety specs or a face mask – check

2. make sure there is an oxygen monitor nearby – check

3. dont splash nitrogen around everywhere, let it drain before you remove things – check

4.dont burn your fingers on things you take out – uh-oh

5.dont direct your facemask so that whle you are defrosting your finger, nitrogen evaporates directly towards your mouth and nose – hmmm

6.get the hell out of there before you pass out – check!!

7. If necessary find a chair to deposit yourself on until blood oxygen returns to normal – check

8. Don’t spend the afternoon and evening having panic atacks about earlier dizziness episode – doh!

There we have it – pay attention to your surroundings and only be afraid of things which are ACTUALLY there!!!

Infact – eveing writing about that has raised my anxiety level waaay above normal!


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