Gripes and Wisdom of the day


– People who feel the need to set their rear mudguard on their bike so that it flings water directly into the cyclist behind them’s face

-Being told on an almost daily basis that I am mentally retarded

-Spending hours writing (albeit badly and lengthily) part of a manuscript only to be told that co-author isnt going to bother reading it!

-not drinking coffee all day yesterday becasue i was determined to get some sleep last night, only to find i had a terrific coffee-wishdrawal headache this morning 😦


– Hydration matters folks, I kid you not. I must have been dehydrated for days – you know when its 5pm and you cannot remember if you have even been to the bathroom since you woke up…you have to think perhaps you’ve forgotten to drink, well, anything. So making a concerted effort to keep better hydrated, this helps with headhaches, concentration and with skin. Who would have though. I wohnder if anyone has ever documented this before – that the human body requires a certain amount of water daily for optimum function….Ha! so why is it such a revelation each time I find this wisdom to be true AGAIN.

– Also the most unlikley things can actually be surprusingly good. Like bright pink short pants from tesco – wrong on too many levels to write about but surprisingly comfy.


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