Actually It’s darkness…

Hello little wordpress world. Any excuse for an escape eh? if it’s not skyrim its Winterfell or wordpress or science 🙂 so much better than looking out he window at the incineration tower where they cremate the hospital refuse, surrounded by misty, chilly, grey dank yuck. At least the hospital has stopped burning aborted babies etc in there now!

Talking of winterfell – I have become obsessed with reading George RR Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire books, y’know Game of Thrones n all that. I just cant put the blinkin books down! I am constantly surprised by the turns which the story is taking, and have learned that things are not always as they seem in this authors reality 🙂 . I wont go ranting about me feelings about different characters just incase not everyone in the world has seen the series / read the books…cos I dont want to spoil things, but if that’s you – go forth and buy the books !

Today is an Idlewild day – hence the title – no complaints yet from the rest of the lab so I assume no one dislikes them! I still remember seeing idlewild in Birmingham in 200(2?) only, I cant fully remember because that gig and the queens of the stone age are merged into a perculiar foggy haze of <ahem> how to phrase this  off-my-headedness? such were the days of youth where nothing seemed dangerous, nothing really mattered and consequences were something that other older people had to think about! Those days are LONG gone…now Im concerned with organizing a plumber to fix a shower problem, wondering if I can fix it myslf but having to admit the possibility that I could flood the flat, break the shower totally and also break the heating system and ruin the boiler – so you can imagine me spanner in hand ready to attack the problem with aplomb, but there is that voice saying – erm, there is a reason why there are things called plumbers – and there is not likely to be much of an insurance payout from self-inflicted flat floodage – and the downstairs, oh lord! its just not worth the pain of considering the horrific possibilities! FINE then I will pay someone else to do this, get ripped off and feel sad that I COULD have done it myself, and bought some new shoes instead, or put the money into the corset fund – oh yes. I almost forgot that promise to myself – when and or if I get to ‘the goal’ or the lowerlimit thereof, I shall treat myself to a new corset, whether or not I EVER get the opportunity to wear it! and regardles of whether I can still squeeze into the old one (with an aded pannel to hide the unfortunate stuff that happens in the back area of a too small corset)

So! I need to do some work :S. At least my bench looks a bit tidier now (I snapped and finally cleared up the piles of papers and used gloves and syringes, tubes and nonsense all over the place…huzzah! but now back to data analysis and less time writing this balderdash!

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