First day back at work

So I made it back into the lab after two weeks of holiday! Naturally my front tyre went flat during the journey, adding further insult to my ‘i haven’t cycled for two weeks and my legs don’t work’ speed!
That manuscript was in exactly the sane state it was when I left as was my bench, all covered in purple nitrile gloves, pipettes, ependorfs, scraps of paper, random chemical bottles and various things I have borrowed from other people and should have returned by now. Those things can wait, the manuscript however, cannot.
I managed to sort out some things for my boss ( who has recently been verbally appreciative…hmm I wonder what that’s about!) and familiarised myself with the text, and remembered the horrible dead end I had arrived at pre-xmas. It was questioned by two people what the point is of going in to work just for Friday, and my response is this: I need to get my brain running again so I can think things through over the weekend. You know evenings, weekends etc, they are just times where science takes a back seat. It is still there and likes to take me for a drive on a lazy Sunday, but for two weeks, I parked it safely at the lab and forgot all about it, so, you see, when you live like me, it’s good to take that proper time out sometimes, and it takes a little bit of effort to get back in the swing if it. Now those papers I was ignoring seem interesting again, and there is a reason once again to get out of bed before 9am.
My only gripe today is that my throat hurts. Not a little start of a cold tickle, oh no, a burning sensation every time I swallow which radiates to my neck ( which was already sore). Now then body, you look pretty healthy, you feel ok apart from this annoyance, how about you stop playing silly buggers and you deflate that whole kiwi fruit that it feels like is stuck in my throat?
Huh? Well we shall see. I wonder if there is such a thing as a parasitic kiwi fruit. I think I have one, it’s draining me of my mathematical skills ( bwahaha) good luck critter if that’s what you live off!
Ok now that’s enough. My dramatic and unnecessary description has bored me…time to watch the flashing bath duck! Oh no, only the red led works :/ boo. Writing blog in the bath? You betcha!


One thought on “First day back at work

  1. Ha! Stupid bike tires.

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