not very sympathetic

so yesterday i only spent three and a half hours playing skyrim, the rest of the day was spent doing housework, and reading those notes I was warbling on about. So when SO comes in accusing me of playing Skyrim all day and doing nothing else – you can imagine my feather were a bit ruffled.

Now this guy has drunk NO coffee for two weeks, goes back to work and has NINE in one day. Am I seriously supposed to feel sorry for him having acid reflux and heartburn? If he drinks SO much coffee that he hurts and cant lean forward!! <eye rolling>

Perhaps has I had some appreciation for spending my holiday cleaning and tidying, then i could have mustered more that – ‘ its your own fault’!

Day two of blissful peaceful home alone time 🙂 I hope to do some drawing this afternoon, or maybe crack out the sewing machine, something messy but artistic and satisfying on the agenda – but not until I fix my bike – I can’t put it off forever! Darn, that means transcending into actual clothing (already met the postie in my PJ’s to sign for a special delivery package (yay black and v pale pink dress of awesomeness – French Connection, how I love you ability to make an hourglass woman actually look hourglass and not just ill-fitted 🙂 ) Now I have to start wearing some of this grown up clothing instead of hoarding it! gradually I suppose the ragged, hole-laden acid stained flares of old shall be replaced by less gross versions, and those old shapeless t-shirts I so enjoyed hiding inside, they have seen better days, I think its time to accept that I look better in proper clothing some of the time, and that perhaps I shouldn’t dress like a wayward teen for the rest of my life (just when I can get away with it!)

ok a lot of skyrim happened today. probably a bit too much. ont eh plus simde i now feel ready to go back to work and able to focus :D. That will to create something was smewhat lacking in a) equipment and b) inspiration – so with a 4B pencil only I started this


Not set to be my finest artistic endeavour , at least I tried!