Starting the new year with pony fun!

What a beautiful day! Sun and blue sky, with a light breeze and energetic but angelic ponies: who could ask for more?


Up late, lazy breakfasting, midday pony-wards to find they had decided to wash themselves clean in yesterdays rain…easy grooming then 🙂 lovely beasties all eager to go out (or eat grass) and so so keen for their racing canter up the hill. If only it wasn’t for my friends cough the race would have lasted longer but we all enjoyed it all the same. It always feels so good, so free, so invigorating to go out for a ride, knowing the dangers, and knowing my ability to deal with obstacles. Gave the cheeky monsters some grazing on the long verge grass while I waited for my lift home. So. For the second time in the past 12 months of riding I asked SO to pick me up (20min drive from home) but it’s such a big deal. Do you know, he lost an HOUR going to collect me….and wasn’t it worth it so i could have a couple of hours if happiness? He is not sure. Because now I have had fun, I must be punished, so I must do housework to make up for the fact I had fun abd he did nothing….huh….that’s a weird one. I’m also banned arriving home at 4pm having been out since 12, from eating much. Because HE wants to eat early. Ok rant over I just hate some peoples ability to spoil and ruin what tiny fragments of happiness I manage to find 😦



Recipe for Nye:
Home made veggie sushi
Lush bath bomb
Home made muffins
New dress
Hotel chocolate
The raven
Midnight fireworks
Goodbye 2012.