Christmas lack of wisdom

Ok the secretive ones are over.
Let the verbal assault on the screen continue.
Xmas is a funny old time dont you think? Everyone dedicates this time of year to buy each other presents and share goodwill and indulge themselves, but what about the rest of the year? Do you not think people deserve random gifts or indulgences? Why the need for an ‘excuse’ to be merry and close and generous? I’m not saying I’m excluded from this! I do it too….just before the big day there is a scramble for gift ideas before time runs out and panic, and annoyance when nothing presents itself! But if I could only buy gifts I see through the year which I think so-and-so might like then December neednt be so fraught but there is always, what if I see something better later on?oh no, I could end up buying two years worth of gifts, and that wouldn’t do, how would I get my pre xmas adrenalin rush?


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