Lost shoe, lost glove, lost momentum

So. I lost a glove. Not any glove, a glove I only bought the other week. As for the shoe, well that’s a story of lost and found. She was really taken home, while her sister was left all alone in the lab. Momentum has gone the way of most things. Gravity has dragged it down, along with everything else. Ok not everything. I have some holidays booked which mean I have three consecutive Fri / mon combos off work for a trip to Barcelona and two weekend festivals at camber sands. I’m significantly more excited about one if the three, and it involves the use of my passport ( unless Pontins has declared a state of independence). I’m too exhausted to be really excited. Just about getting through the day with my dwindling appetite, energy, patience and attention. I guess when one thing starts crumbling, the others fall after and if you dont grab onto a hold you could go plummeting full speed into a black hole with your name on it. I miss the ponies, I miss my dog who died so many years ago, I miss my grandma, I miss my friends, whether real or fickle, and I miss the feeling of belonging to the infinite – the sense that anything is possible and that humans have great potential to do good, that words have weight, and that although the truth really matters, fantasy is a valid and unbounded escape. There are more words but they wont come right now, they are stuck in some sort of queue, and the control box has switched off for the day, do I can only churn out the official lines, that business will be resumed as usual in the morning, and apologies for any inconvenience caused by my lack of coherence.

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