Halloween eve eve

After some thoughts of bursting into tears I now feel somewhat better. Despite being made to feel I was being a big whingy baby about my grumbles, at least the professional opinion was that im not in immediate need for surgical intervention. I am very glad about that! Thanks be for paracetamol sayeth I!

Now I can think about other things, like the fact that Im going on holiday in a few weeks <YAAAAAY> and that we will have visitors over xmas holiday <YAYAYAY> and that its halloween in a couple of days!!

ok so what to do for halloween?

I have bought three squashes – all cullinary but also chosen for their attractive carvable looking shapes 🙂

I have decorations and pumpkins and the will, but will i summon the energy to decorate / cook / generally spook out on wednesday night, bearing in mind we have NO guests. Yup that’s right, this year there is no Halloween nonsenses….no people dressed up getting tipsy, no over the top baking, 😦 its all very sad.


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