Freedom and responsibility

There is a delicate balance between responsibility and freedom. I felt this balance quiver as I rode out for the first time on horseback by myself. It may have only been for some 10-15 mins but for that time, the horse and I were free to do whatsoever we liked..mostly trotting away from her best friend and owner, followed by mostly trotting back..but I was also responsible for both of our safety. Double checking for cars and bottles and keeping a check on her and my anxiety levels as we ventured into this unknown state of independence, no, dependence, no. I don’t know the word. But it was exhilarating to know I was competent enough to control and communicate with her as we moved forwards, and that even though I was afraid of something going dreadfully wrong, we calmly returned home to greet a very agitated horse who thought his best friend had been taken away forever! I guess when you take on responsibilities, say buying a property, you earn freedom, say from landlords. And when you make a bid for freedom, say going travelling alone, you have ti take full responsibility for what happens to you. Never really made the connection before.

Thats all.

The picture is a photo of an experiment I did last week. I thought it was pretty.


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