Some old things

I think, now would be a good time to post my old art work, and the newer partially complete stuff…I realise how ridiculous it sounds but I am going to watermark the pictures…

infact, maybe I will make a page for my poetry too

that would be crazy…but I’d better pick the least depressing verses as otherwise I’ll jst cry every time I open the page. Yes I am fully aware that no-one else in the history of the world will probably see any of this crap, so its a venture into complete self-indulgence. I admit.

Oh my! how smart I am!  intending to keep myself unidentifiable in the blog (except from my writing style) I chose the most obvious way to protect my identity – by watermarking my artwork with my name. Bravo! well as no-one will read this or see the pictures the self-discussion and -reproachment is arbitrary.


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