on an alien body engulfing my soul. and wanting things that others have, and those that others can’t have…

I have started this blog because I read other people’s and want what they have – I wanted someone eventually to read this,and feel some sense of connection and understanding. Even if that sense is false. Which it may be, but I’m all for rose tinting and for fueling fantastic thoughts to sweep away the harsh and bitter dust of cold reality.
I am always made more aware of human diversity when I visit music festivals; the scope of size, shape, colour, clothing, adornment, behaviour, and I often find myself wishing I had what other people have. Yesterday I was desperate to dye my hair magenta and get a tattoo, is that terribly sad? Being so enamoured with other people and their beauty that I want to mimic them ( or do I want to be them?)
So we took a morning trip to Camden…and I lusted after several lovely corsets and gothic dresses but knew that ultimately I’d never get the chance to wear them…in the end we popped into a fantastic little shop run by a German / Austrian couple ( sorry my accent detection isn’t great…it could gave been Scandinavian..) but anyway they design and hand make some amazing original, unique eye-catching designs with really cool features. So I tried on a skirt, a t, a jacket and necklace, all on my want list, but ringing up over £200 seemed a bit extravagant so I settled for just the t and jacket, the most innovative and distinctive of the ones,I tried!! And I love that I won’t see anyone wearing them back home, and I love how cute but edgy they look. So how can someone so engrossed this sense of individualism be so susceptible to copying others? Or is it the other way around?

As for the alien body thing. Well. Maybe more on that later. Lets just say that being so soft and curved and warm is very peculiar, and it’s not all good news. I thought cellulite was something that happened to other people. Howxwribv I was…..

One thought on “on an alien body engulfing my soul. and wanting things that others have, and those that others can’t have…

  1. Hey I’m writing an essay about blogging. I would like to use some of your posts and also if you have time interview you via email. Email me if you’re interested. Great post!

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